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HSG & SIS Catheters

Used in Hysterosalpingography & Sonohysterography
These Silicone Balloon Catheters are available in 5 French, 5 French Firm and 7 French Sizes 

HSG Catheter 5 Fr., Box of 10
Model: MM1154
       HSG/SIS Catheter, 5 Fr with Silicone Balloon, Sterile, Disposable, Box of 10 For Hysterosalpingography and Sonohysterography Saline infusionSoft Silicone Balloon, softer on the patient yet forms a secure sealHigh volume media flow rate, for a smoo..
Ex Tax:$200.00
HSG Catheter 5 Fr FIRM, Box of 10
-17 %
Model: MM1154F
HSG Catheter, 5 French, FIRM (less floppy) Cannula  designed for the stenotic cervix/difficult cases, Sterile, Disposable, 10/boxFor a free sample call 866-241-1625..
$175.00 $210.00
Ex Tax:$175.00
HSG Catheter 5Fr w/stylet, Box of 10 HSG Catheter 5Fr w/stylet, Box of 10
-17 %
Model: MM1154ST
5 Fr HSG Catheter with Memory, with integrated Stylet, shape-able/malleable, Sterile, Single Use, 10/boxFor a free sample call 866-241-1625..
$195.00 $235.00
Ex Tax:$195.00
Model: MM1155
Monarch HSG Catheter, 7 French, Sterile, Single Use, 10/boxFor a free sample call 866-241-1625..
Ex Tax:$210.00
Model: MM1156
Stylet for HSG/SIS Catheter, Sterile, Disposable, 10/box..
Ex Tax:$65.00
SIS Catheter w/Acorn 25/bx SIS Catheter w/Acorn 25/bx
Model: MM1150A
SIS Sonocatheter with Acorn for Sonohysterogram: Length; 26cm, Sterile, Single Use, box of 25A 5fr inner catheter with cm markings (Length 26cm) slides inside an outer sheath with acorn (Length 15.5cm)for complimentary sample call 866-241-1625 ...
Ex Tax:$225.00
Model: MM UICF
Tampa Style SIS/SHG Catheter 5fr , without balloon, overall length 35CM, sheath length 20.5CM, Sterile, box of 25..
Ex Tax:$185.00
Model: MM1153
Uiterine Injector by Zinnanti 2.0mm Sterile, single use, with cervical stop: Length 26.2cm, 12/bx..
Ex Tax:$185.00
Model: MM1152
Zui type 4.0 Ueterine Injector 4.0mm by Zinnanti, with cervical stop, Sterile: Length 28cm, 12/box..
Ex Tax:$185.00
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