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Cannula - Uterine

Intra-uterine Cannulas Injectors
Model: 5812100
Cohen Cannula, Intra Uterine Injector with one small (19mm) and one large(25mm) Cervical cones (PTFE) overall length 12.5 INCHGerman Stainless SteelMade in Germany ..
Ex Tax:$345.00
Model: 5801100
Kahn Cannula Uterine Injector with 3 extra tips.Kahn Trigger Cannula ..
Ex Tax:$239.00
Model: 5811100
Jarcho Self Retaining Cannula, Uterine Injector..
Ex Tax:$239.00
Model: 5804100
Replacement Silicone Acorn for Jarcho or Kahn cannulas, Pack of 3, Size; 26mm Length, 14mm Diameter..
Ex Tax:$39.00
Model: 5802100
      Flexible PTFE replacement Short tip for Kahn Cannula or Jarcho, 19mm Length,  3 ea ,..
Ex Tax:$39.00
Model: 5803100
Replacement PTFE tip, Long, Flexible for Kahn and Jarcho cannulas, Length 29mm,  pack of 3..
Ex Tax:$39.00
Model: 5810100
       Replacement collar for Jarco and Kahn cannulas, Collar Screw, with rubber gasket..
Ex Tax:$15.00
Model: 5806100
       PTFE Acorn (Rigid) 1 ea replacement cone for Jarco or Kahn cannulas, Reusable autoclaveable, Size; 20mm Length ,17.5mm Diameter ..
Ex Tax:$28.00
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