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LLETZ/LEEP-Electrosurgical Accessories

Model: 1105020
Hand Switching Pencil with Cord, w/blade electrode, with holster, Sterile, Single Use; Box of 25Electrosurgical pencil with cord, Fits all three prong electrosurgical generators...
Ex Tax:$138.00
Model: 1109020
LEEP Electrosurgical Pencil, Foot Controlled Handle and Cord w/holster #950, Disposable, Box of 20..
Ex Tax:$135.00
Model: 1102505
Single Dispersive Pad, Disposable, Adult; Box of 25, For Cooper 1000..
Ex Tax:$139.00
Model: 1102506
LEEP Electrode Pads, Dual Dispersive, w/ cable,  Disposable; Box of 25, 60-7203-002..
Ex Tax:$129.00
Model: 1139025
LEEP Conductive Electrode Pads with Cable, Disposable, for ZSI ESU, Cooper, Box of 25, 400-2100..
Ex Tax:$135.00
Model: 1126500
DSE (Disposable Smoke Evacuator) Tubing, 1/4 inch x 9 inch length, Non-Sterile, Box of 50 (connects to tube clip or Cooper Specula)..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Model: 1133010
Replacement Smoke Evacuator, Patient Tubing Set, S Tubing 3/8" ID, Length; 6', with DSE Tube 9", Sterile, Box of 10Used in LLETZ/LEEP ProcedureConnects to Smoke Evacuator and LEEP Speculum..
Ex Tax:$169.00
Model: 1135001
Reducer for Smoke Evacuator, Connects Pre-Filter (#1136100) to 3/8" Patient Tubing Set (#1133010), Box of 10..
Ex Tax:$75.00
Model: 1136100
Pre-Filter for Smoke Evacuator Replacement Filter for Cooper System 6080, Box of 10..
Ex Tax:$75.00
Model: 1138100
ULPA Filter for Smoke Evacuator, 1 Each, for Cooper..
Ex Tax:$139.00
Model: 1120300
ULPA Filter for MiniVac, Case of 3..
Ex Tax:$145.00
Model: 1138101
Versa Vac II Filters, ULPA , Case of 3..
Ex Tax:$280.00
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