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Dilators - Flexible and Rigid

Flexible Dilators and Rigid Dilators for Pre-Op and Post-Op therapy
Model: 6000800
Silicone Vaginal Dilator set of 4, Small, Size; (Length 50mm x Diameter 9.5mm, 60mm x 10.5mm, 65mm x 12mm, 75mm x 13.5mm)..
Ex Tax:$115.00
Model: 6000900
Flexible Silicone Vaginal Dilator set of 4, Medium Size; (Length 75mm x Diameter 12.5mm, 78mm x 19mm, 86mm x 22.5mm, 95mm x 26mm)..
Ex Tax:$115.00
Model: 6001000
Flexible Silicone Dilators Large, Set of 4 , Size; Length 120mm x Diameter 19.5mm, 128mm x 22.5mm, 138mm x 25.5mm, 150mm x 30mm)..
Ex Tax:$115.00
Model: 21006001
Vaginal dilator set of 7 Rigid, Single patient use, Reusable Length; 6" x diamter 13mm XS, 6" x 18mm XS+, 6" x 22mm S, 6" x 25mm S+, 6" x 29mm M, 6" x 32mm M+, 6" x 35mm L,..
Ex Tax:$95.00
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