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CCD Laboratoire

Brand: CCD Laboratoire Model: 12040AM
CCD Intrauterine Insemination Catheter with removable stylet, Length 17cm, External Diameter 2.1mmTwo Distal Openings..
Ex Tax:$235.00
Brand: CCD Laboratoire Model: 120400M
Insemination Catheter with small diameter of 1.6mm, Length 17cmLength of Flexible Tip 4.5cm ..
Ex Tax:$165.00
Brand: CCD Laboratoire Model: 12040MF
Intrauterine Insemination IUI Catheter, Malleable with Memory, with integrated Stylet. Two Distal openings,  Length 17cm, External Diameter 2.1mm, Internal volume 0.27ml ..
Ex Tax:$185.00
Brand: CCD Laboratoire Model: 1103000
Pipelle CCD Endometrial Biopsy Curette, Shapeable, Sterile, Single Use, 3.1mm O.D., Length 23.5cm, Box of 25..
Ex Tax:$125.00
Brand: CCD Laboratoire Model: 1308000
CCD Embryo Transfer Catheter SET TDT, Extra Thin Transfer catheter, Sterile Single Use, Box of 10Designed for Difficult TransfersSet includes: Outer Sheath, with flexible extremety and two hysterometry guide-markings at 5.5cm and 6.5cm from distal tipPolyethylene coated malleable stai..
Ex Tax:$295.00
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