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HSG Tray, Sterile, Case of 10

HSG Tray, Sterile, Case of 10
HSG Tray, Sterile, Case of 10

             HSG/SIS Procedure Tray, Without Catheter, Sterile, Single Use, 10/Box

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1 x Vaginal Speculum, Medium(Light ready)
1 x Needle 18G , 1.5\"
1 x Syringe 20CC (Luer Lock)
1 x 36\" Extension set/rotator clamp
1 x Os Finder/#2 Dilator
1 x Uterine Sound
3 x Rayon Swab Stick Lg. 8\"
1 x Foam Prep Stick 6\"
2 x PVP Prep Solution 1 Oz 

1 x PVP Prep Ointment
2 x Lubricating Jelly 3gm
4 x Gauze 4\"x4\" , 12ply
1 x Fenestrated Drape w/adhesive, 18\" x 26\"
1 x Feminine Pad
1 x 3 Compartment Tray
1 x Pouch
1 x CSR Wrap 30\" x 30\"




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